Guide players to use the Ming Bing feature


Dear heroes.

After Consideration . We Unlock more features and increase skills in equipment  Wrist Guard , Weapon , Leggings  ( Blacksmith  )

- Previously, players needed to use a lot of D to have 3 skills 30% equipment
- Now players can upgrade to 3 skills and increase up to 30% easily.


Specific functions


  • Added  Skill 30 % with  Equipment  Wrist Guard, Weapon, Leggings (Blacksmith)


Guide to upgrade equipment to 4 skills


  • Players can use about 52 D and the equipment roll skill you will receive 2600 Ming Bing Points
    If you use all of 52, you still can't get the 3 line skill 30% of the stats you can use Minh Bing'
  • Item (Ming Bing card)
  • (  Players can participate in ingame events
    Or you can participate in the gold refill event at some special events to get the item  AOWPRI.COM )
  • Players need to have equipment ( Blacksmith )  with 3 skills
  • Players after obtaining the necessary items and equipment
    You can go and find NPC Zhu Rong (Blacksmith).
  • after you put the item in and click to confirm the item will be
    Get an item with the same 3 skills 30%


Wish all heroes in the future will soon achieve new martial arts achievements!


Aow-Pri-G-Sp    or  ageofwushuprivate

Have a good time with Age of wushu Private! !