Hân Hoan Chào Đoán Cửu Âm Chí Trấn Phái khai mở tại máy chủ Winter - Welcome Advanced School Skill opened at the Winter server


Dear heroes

From 11/2/2023 - When server  Open  Advanced School Skill, you will load Gold. Recharge a 5000 Gold card  ,  you will receive an attractive bonus.

Let's take a look at these 5000 Gold ,  Milestone Gold recharge offers!


  • 11/2/2023 - When server Open  new event


  • For the server Winter


Content  5000 Gold

  • During the event, if you top up a single card of 5000 gold, you will receive a gift package inside. There are many attractive rewards.
  • The gift will be sent to your ingame mailbox after loading a 5000 gold Card.
    Players can only receive once of each landmark when participating in the event


Name Bag = National Day Fiesta Gift Pack

  •  Dragon Elixir High Order x 1


  • Eight Schools Advanced School Skill Gift Pack lv 1 - 2

  • Martial Challenge Token  x 1000

  • Budo Fighting High-End Token x 10

  • Phần Quà  ( Vietnamese for heroes who do not know English)

  •  Name = Quốc Khánh CuồNg Hoan Gói Quà


    long nguyên đan cao giai  x 1

    • Quà Võ Học Trấn Phái Cửu Đại Môn Phái LV 1 - 2

    • Lệnh Bài Võ Đạo Tranh Phong x 1000

    • Lệnh Bài Võ Đạo Tranh Phong Cao Giai x 10

  • Player pay attention when depositing at 50,000 Gold , 30.000 gold , 10.000 gold
    players still receive weekly bonuses. as usual

    Wishing you a good time with Age of wushu private