Hình Thức sử phạt sau khi vi phạm quy tắc của game - Penalty form after violation of the game


Dear heroes,

In order to build a progressive and civilized Age of wushu private gaming community, the management board is required to take strict measures against cases of deliberately exploiting vulnerabilities to perform bugs / hack or use auto software to illegally attack game data.

Below are temporary solutions in the first step of dealing with the issue of auto game Age of wushu private. The management board is still looking for ways to fix, quickly give the most radical form of treatment. We look forward to the community's support and join hands in building a clean,  Age of wushu private environment.

The handling form of auto problem in Age of wushu private game is resolved as follows:

Time application

From January 15, 2020

Use Auto Tools other than auto provided by Age of wushu private

In the past time, Age of wushu private has received a lot of notices and complaints about third-party auto use cases Not auto tool provided by Age of wushu private With the desire to end This auto problem, while creating a fairer environment, the handling direction for 3rd party auto cases will be resolved as follows:

Signs of recognition

We will check the System. When you find that Lua file changes or changes in the process of calling.

User behavior :

Offended players. other players. in the following forms will be ban According to the Rank As follows: 

Player insults other players. words. as follows,  stupid pussy ,  , animal , son of a bitch ......, cursing parents. other people

. disgrace, scold other people's families and children. Real name. name ingame The others

with accents and without accents, even if the language is used in any country, will still be processed.

*Ban chat 1 days players offending Real name. name ingame other players. [ 1st time]

*Ban chat 3 days players offending Real name. name ingame other players. [ 2nd]

User behavior offends ,detractive others in Facebook groups and forums

with accents and without accents, even if the language is used in any country, will still be processed.

*Prohibit Posting, comment 1 month When offends ,detractive  Real name. name ingame other players  [ 1st time]

* Prohibit Posting, comment 2 month When offends ,detractive  Real name. name ingame other players [ 2nd]

*Prohibit Posting and Commenting Permanently When offends ,detractive  Real name. name ingame other players [ 3rd]

Forms processing
- Players will be blocked based on the number of violations as follows:

*1st time: 1 day warning.

*2nd time: 7 days.

*3rd time: Permanent lock.

- If the player uses the Bracer, Annotations, Treasure auto swar type in activities such as Sky Ladder, Hua Mountain Competition:

*1st time: 7 days.

*2nd time: Forever.


- After receiving feedback on cases that are supposed to be using 3rd party auto or auto swap, Age of wushu private management board will initially receive information and proceed to temporarily lock the acc in accordance with regulations. .

- Players can contact the Support site https://www.facebook.com/AowPriGSp/ to explain their case. This accountability process will proceed as follows:

Players need to be explained and asserted themselves can do it as in the report clip.
Age of wushu private management will host an online and public PK show for everyone to appreciate.
Players must re-install a new installer from the homepage and provide a teamview to the management when the match takes place.
During the match Age of wushu private management will enter the teamview at any time.
The player side needs to record the clip during the game, the video must be clear and detailed, not hiding anything about the hand manipulation and the game screen.

Auto buff

- The auto buff status caused an imbalance in the skirmishes, causing many players to reflect dissatisfaction.

- The Board of Directors of Cuu m Chan Kinh has given solutions for this case as follows:

Identification mark of auto buff
Follow along to create buffs that benefit auto users.
Was beaten with no response and continued to buff the player

Players who have one of the above markings will be attributed to the auto buff and dealt with according to regulations.
Forms processing
- Age of wushu private management will lock all accounts using auto and follow buffs to handle. The processing level is applied as follows:

For accounts using auto buff:

*1st time: 1 day warning lock
*2nd time: 7-day course
*3rd time: permanently locked

- For buff accounts: Locked permanently
For the Game Cultural Behaviors

- Some players were overreacted in the game with unhealthy words, words, signs, characters, obscene, defamatory, offensive racism, political, epidemic, religious , beliefs
This is Unhealthy Cultural Behavior that greatly affects the game experience of other players and the community of other players.

- In cases of violation, the method of account lockout will be applied as follows:

*First time: Forbidden to chat 3 days
*2nd time: Forbidden to speak 7 days
*3rd time: Ban Chat permanently

Players submitting reports to Age of wushu private management are responsible for the correctness of the evidence, Photos provided must be clear and prove that the player actually violated within the specified time, up to For 3 days processing. In particular, if the Management Board finds that it is a contrived image or intentionally slander the victim, otherwise the denunciator will be sanctioned.
Players participating in the explanation should be responsible and coordinate with the management to deliver the final results. In case of cooperation in good faith, successful exposition will receive the lowest penalty. On the contrary, if misrepresentations are intentionally misinterpreted, there will be heavy penalties from the age of wushu private administration.

-Players reporting Cultural Behavior, especially Racism, need to identify the player and provide name ingame ..

-Especially, Duong Mon's smoke-bomb auto buff, you need to determine if the player using auto is in the enemy's party (pt) or can click on the enemy to see if the smoke bomb buff is present? Then there will be enough evidence to handle the related infringing accounts.

Please refer to the game terms and conditions here

Quy định và điều khoản Tiếng việt       Rules and terms English

Wish heroes have a good time with Age of wushu private!