Instructions for setting up a VPN fnjiasu - Hướng dẫn cài đặt và kích hoạt sử dụng VPN fnjiasu



A guide to using VPN fnjiasuA guide to using VPN fnjiasu

1 month after the expiration of the free use, players can choose to continue using or move to another vpn that players feel better.

the maintenance cost of the VPN is $ 7.15 / 1 month = 49 RMB

You can contact the page. to extend the VPN usage period

FuNiu Game Booster

Step 1 :
Please visit the website

Step 2 :
Download the VPN version used in the window

Step 3 :
install the VPN on your computer

Step 4:
After installing players register for an account
- There are 2 types of accounts
Type 1: Use your phone number to sign up for a VPN account
Type 2: Use Gmail to sign up for a VPN account

Step 5:
Players buy activation time to use vpn at the web


Step 6:
Players choose
- [Game]
- [Global Game]
Scroll Down near below according to the following video or image

Step 7:
Player Click: Start
Continue to select Line (Line VPN connection)
Choice of: (VIP) HK_KRBGP_200
Next: select Start Games
then configure to fxlaunch.exe
and start the game.

That's how to install a new VPN.
You can choose to renew your usage or choose another VPN.
On behalf of the team fnjiasu English version
Thank you for your trust and use of our services..