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                                                                                                     Tenrinji Temple

Tianlun Temple was founded by the current abbot, Master Hong Hai. When he was young, he swept up black religions and cults in foreign regions. After the establishment of Tianlun Temple, Master Hon Hai pursued the supreme martial arts, even using extreme methods. Chang Xiangzhao, who created his own inner strength, is extremely domineering and imposing. Even if he is seriously injured, after a little meditation, he can be full of energy and strength in an instant.

[Tianlun Temple Internal Strength] Chang Xiangzhao (Masculine)

When performing this internal exercise to meditate, the recovery effect of qi, blood and internal energy is doubled.

Buddha-nature Zen Mind: When dealing damage to the target, there is a chance to add 7 layers of "Buddha-nature Zen Mind" to the target. Each time the damage is done, additional damage can be added and one layer will be cleared, lasting for 15 seconds.

Buddha's Light: When being attacked, there is a chance to add a protective energy to oneself, reducing the damage received by 50% for 15 seconds. (When you are knocked into the air, knocked down, or you are in a coma or blocked, you will immediately clear the protective energy if you are attacked)

Inner photo: After "Buddha's Light to the West" disappears, this effect can be obtained, causing the next hit to add 10% of the lost qi and blood as just damage and restore the same qi and blood (damage ignores defense).


Although Tianlun Temple has only been established for more than 30 years, it is inclusive of all rivers and lakes, attracting many nobles to come to learn from teachers. The disciples of Tianlun Temple are passionate and informal, and like to explain the true meaning of life with their fists. On weekdays, they roam around together, jealous of evil like enemies, always meddling in their own affairs and fighting injustices, and their methods are ruthless, and everyone they target complains endlessly.


[Tianlun Temple's characteristic scattered moves] One thought of three thousand

"One mind and three views, one thought for three thousand, clear mind and see nature", consume 10 points of arrogance (acquired by power missions), and you will get the state of one thought for three thousand.

One Thought Three Thousand: You can observe the slaughter value of all players around you within 60 seconds


[Tianlun Temple's characteristic scattered moves] There is no magic in the world

"If I become a Buddha, there will be no demons in the world", consume 10 points of arrogance to activate the state of no demons in the world: when you kill a target with slaughter value, your own slaughter value will not be increased.

When you are seriously injured or kill the target, you will deduct your own pride points; the higher the target's massacre value, the less the pride points will be deducted; after killing the target, the world without magic will be removed.

Slaughter value: 1-499, a total of 100 points of pride will be deducted

Slaughter value: 500-999, with a total deduction of 80 points of pride

Slaughter value: 1000-1999, with a total deduction of 60 points of pride

Slaughter value: 2000-6999, a total of 40 points of pride will be deducted

Slaughter value: 7000 or more, with a total deduction of 2 points of pride


There is still a whole week before the "Tianlun Temple", a brand new Jianghu power in "Nine Yin Scriptures", will officially debut. At that time, knights can worship in it, grow together with many disciples of Tianlun Temple, use violence to punish evil together, and clean up the evil people in the rivers and lakes together! Let us meet the new version of "Nine Yin Scriptures" and live together Let's meet in Tianlun Temple!