Rules of Participation Game Age of wushu private


  1. Changes to the Game's content:

-We can
- with your powers and at any time
- Add, modify or delete any information as well as change the layout, composition or functionality of the system without prior notice.

  1. Change Rules

- We reserve the right to change any inadequate terms in the Regulations without prior notice. By continuing to use the Game system following such modifications, you expressly agree to abide by the changes in the rules.

User behavior :

Offended players. other players. in the following forms will be ban According to the Rank As follows: 

Player insults other players. words. as follows,  stupid pussy ,  , animal , son of a bitch ......, cursing parents. other people

. disgrace, scold other people's families and children. Real name. name ingame The others

with accents and without accents, even if the language is used in any country, will still be processed.

*Ban chat 1 days players offending Real name. name ingame other players. [ 1st time]

*Ban chat 3 days players offending Real name. name ingame other players. [ 2nd]

User behavior offends ,detractive others in Facebook groups and forums

with accents and without accents, even if the language is used in any country, will still be processed.

*Prohibit Posting, comment 1 month When offends ,detractive  Real name. name ingame other players  [ 1st time]

* Prohibit Posting, comment 2 month When offends ,detractive  Real name. name ingame other players [ 2nd]

*Prohibit Posting and Commenting Permanently When offends ,detractive  Real name. name ingame other players [ 3rd]

  1. Account use (Account)

- The account name must be set in accordance with the Game naming and logo creation Rules.

- When registering an account, the Client must provide complete and accurate information as follows:

+ Email,,, VV…. ( Consists of 10 characters)

* In the case, additional information can be declared such as: Card code used ,
This is a mandatory requirement and a basis for settling disputes and complaints... Cases of submission of missing account information or false information or no information will not be considered and resolved.


  1. password (Password)

- Customers need to absolutely secure their password, not share it with anyone. In any case of password theft or loss, we are not responsible for recovery unless the account information provided during the registration period is completely correct....


  1. Character name  (Character)

- The character's name must be in accordance with the Game naming and icon creation Rules


  1. The acts are absolutely prohibited
  2. Trespassing, hacking, accessing, using or attempting to compromise, hack into, access or use any part of the game publisher's server, and / or any other data area.
  3. Use any program, tool or any other form to interfere with the game or alter the normal result of play (hack, cheat, bots ...). Taking advantage of the game system error (if any) to sabotage or profit.
  4. Pretend to be other members, Admin, Game Master (GM), game publisher staff ... for profit purpose. Please note that, in any case.
    Submit or transmit any information that is illegal, deceptive,
  5. defamatory, humiliating, obscene, obscene, offensive, threatening, insulting, hateful, inciting ... or contrary to ethical standards society of any kind, including the propagation or promotion of acts that could constitute a crime or a violation of any provisions of the Law.

  6. Send or transmit any form of advertising, solicitation, chain mail, investment opportunity or any form of commercial communication, unless the game publisher's written permission is given.

  7. Send or transmit any information or software that contains any viruses, Trojans, bugs or harmful components.

  8. Submit or upload, publish, transmit, reproduce or distribute in any way the content protected by copyright and intellectual property laws; or creating variations of such content without the prior written consent of the owner or copyright holder.
  9. Customer has no right to use the information in the Game in any form or any purpose, except as set forth in this Terms of Use.
  10. Customers have fraudulent acts, appropriating property of other players without consent.


  1. Forbidden access

- We reserve the right, at any time, to prohibit or deny your access to the game or any part of the system immediately and without prior notice if we believe the customer has violated. any provisions in the Regulations or the provisions of the Law.

- In severe cases, we may cooperate with other players. to conduct tests and come up with forms.


  1. Dispute settlement rules:


- Must prove ownership of the account based on the following key information:

+ Email

In case the player cannot prove ownership of the account, the player's rights will not be considered for settlement..

- Provide the publisher full information related to the dispute, additional information in the player's account such as the Card Code has been loaded.



- Receive and based on the results of checking the game system and database to resolve disputes for players according to regulations..

- The publisher will rely on the test results on the system and game database as a basis to handle problems related to hacking, bug, cheat,,...

- The publisher has the right to temporarily block accounts that are suspected of having bug check behavior to check for clarification.


  1. Links to and from the system Age of wushu private

- Links from game systems during participation may lead customers to other websites. Customer agrees to access such websites, customer acknowledges and agrees that Age of wushu private publisher is not responsible for the accuracy or value of any information caused by such websites. website link provided.


  1. Intellectual property rights

- All intellectual property rights that exist in the game system belong to the Age of wushu private publisher or legally licensed to the Age of wushu private publisher for use on this system. Accordingly, all legal rights are guaranteed. Unless you have obtained the written consent of the Age of wushu private publisher, you are not authorized to upload, submit, publish, reproduce, transmit or otherwise distribute in any form, any material. of the game system or make modifications of the content provided in the game.

- Customer agrees that we are free to use, publish, apply and modify any other ideas, concepts, practices, suggestions, suggestions, comments or communications and information provided by you. provide us ("Feedback") related to and / or service of the game completely free of charge. You waive and agree to waive any rights and claims to any bonuses, fees, royalties, fees and / or other forms of payment in connection with our use, disclosure, or use of payment. Use, and / or edit any of the components or all of your Feedback.

- The publisher has the right to use all images and video resources of players related to the Age of wushu private game without asking for permission from the owner. Players using images or videos of other players participating in game activities or events must ask for permission or specify the origin of those images or videos..


  1. User information

- For some services, the game system requires users to register. We may use this information to send Customer notices about products and services or promotions via email (For example, notification of system service changes, notices of promotions or other humanitarian and social actions).
We maintain a policy of "DON'T SEND SPAM" and do not share, sell or let customers email customers' emails to third parties without the consent of the Customer (except as required by the authorities power).

- When customers agree to install the game installer, they must comply with all regulations on the publisher having the right to manage and monitor activities on the game installer..


+ Protect rights and property related to systems and visitors when accessing the product

+ Identification of intentional violations

+ Satisfy the user's own requirements.

- We are only responsible when the information is being kept private by Age of wushu. When information has been transferred to third parties in accordance with the above provisions of the Regulations, the confidentiality of information is beyond our capabilities and completely not the responsibility of Age of wushu private..


  1. Limited liability guarantee

- Customer access to and use of the system is solely the responsibility of the customer and is provided as is. Our entire responsibility lies in the service being provided and is limited by law. We are not and will not be a party to any transaction between a customer and a third party.

- Customers will be responsible for their conduct and have full confidence in their own skills and ability to judge for the use and understanding of information in the game system. Customer is responsible for ensuring that its use of information complies with all rules
- The limitation of liability in the Regulations will apply to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


  1. Recommended for players:

- Playing too much game can affect the health, physiology of the players, affect the time of the player to study and work. Age of wushu private recommends players only play up to 4-6 hours / days.

- Players who are students or students should arrange a reasonable playing time. Do not quit school to play games or stay up late to play games.

- The Board of Directors recommends players not to conduct outside transactions. If there are any disputes, the Board of Management will use the data on the system to support.




Specific Section


  1. Regulations on naming and creating icons

When naming:

  1. Name of the character in the game.
  2. Login account name.
  3. Guild name.
  4. Name on the board. ( If Yes later )

Players need to comply with the following rules:

  1. Not to name and create symbols in connection with the names, the names of the leaders of the Party and the State and the names of the State apparatus..
  2. Do not name and create icons that contain reactionary content, oppose religion, pornography, violence, go against the fine customs, traditions and culture of countries around the world.
  3. Do not name and create symbols of the bad guy's name (terrorist boss, fascist ...).
  4. It is strictly forbidden to name and create symbols related to religion, race or gender discrimination..
  5. Do not place names and representations that refer to or otherwise refer to private parts of the body.
  6. Do not name and create logos that have offensive content, encourage others in any form.
  7. Do not name and create icons with content that disrupts or disparages the game, the Publisher or members of the community..
  8. And all the names and symbols that the GM, Admin deems inappropriate.


  1. Game Culture

When participating in the game, customers need to fulfill the following terms:

- Do not repeatedly type meaningless words on chat channels that obstruct or harass other members.

- Do not have threatening attitude or behavior that harasses, inhibits psychology, ... other members.

- Do not use unhealthy words, words, signs, characters, obscenity, defamation, insults, etc. Age of wushu private staff, GM, Admin, players and other organizations..

- Not to disrupt, obstruct or sabotage the events held in the game.

- Not to be discriminated against by race, religion, belief or gender, …

- Not to mention, disseminate and advertise products with illegal, malicious content, vulgar images, pornography, violence ... bearing unhealthy symbols..


III. Regulations on gifting and exchanging things

- Game Master (GM) does not interfere with in-game item giving or exchange.

- The gifted or exchanged item must obtain the consent of the gifted or exchanged party.


  1. Advice on anti-fraud

- Player impersonating the publisher, GM, Age of wushu private or anyone else will have their account locked out immediately..


  1. Recommendation against hacking accounts

- Avoid losing your name and password, players should regularly change their passwords..

- Players should be careful before logger programs, keylog (monitor the activity of the keyboard, mouse, screen ...). These programs may allow someone else to obtain an account name and password.

- Players must be especially careful when playing in public. The key logger program will observe everything you type from the keyboard.

- If you suspect that your account has been hacked, please report it immediately to Admin, GM. If you report too slowly, items in your character may be lost.

- The Publisher reserves the right to temporarily block accounts that are suspected of having bug check behavior to check for clarification.

- Publisher reserves the right to request players to provide explanatory information about the bug hack when handling violations if necessary.

- In case of account hacked, player should best report within 48 hours (full description and details). If it has been more than 3 days since the account was hacked, we will not support for any reason.

- Hacked accounts reported will only be recovered up to 3 times. The reports will be kept.

- The reported account will be reviewed and suspended temporarily. Each report will be reviewed within 2 days of providing sufficient detailed information


  1. Rules for GM game management team

- Do not join groups or guilds of other players

- Do not buy, sell or exchange objects with other players.

- Secure all personal information about Game Master, Admin, ... and confidential information of Game, development strategy,,…

- No aggressive behavior towards the player.


VII. Denounce players violating

When detecting another user with one of the following behaviors:

- Using software or programs to alter results in the game such as using speed hacks, hacking items,...

- Distribute game bugs (game bugs) of any kind.

- Other strictly forbidden modes of play are reported on the game website.

- Harassing another player.

Please inform about or   At the same time, clearly stating details of the violations, accompanied by screenshots to prove, we will take resolute and appropriate measures